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Running Club

chester Running ClubGet your running shoes out, dust them off and have them at the ready, Chester Personal Training now host a fun running club. It is designed for all abilities and ages and will be held on a Saturday morning. The aim is to have a bit of fun whilst training and also bring a team element to your training.

Many people feel they push themselves a little hard when working in teams so we are going to put that to the test. Chester Running Club is about putting fun into training.

Why not give it a try - you are very welcome to jump ship if its not for you - all we ask is you give it a chance....

The running class will be free for club members and £4 to non members (also includes refreshments in the club after the run)

To reserve your place call Richie on 07969 360 089 or email

Previously with Chester Personal Training.........

Challange Charlie - Jan 2011

Chester Personal Training teamed up with local radio station Dee 106.3 for a fun campaign - to help their previous morning radio presenter Charlie Marlow lose a dress size.


Throughout January and February 2011, Chester Personal Training helped Charlie through a brutal, painstaking workout at least 3 times per week. The workouts were held at the Mollington Banastre Leisure & Spa as well as out on the streets of Chester. Our trainers were on hand to help Charlie achieve her goals and advised her with a well structured diet plan throughout her regime.

Week 1 was a great success. We pounded the streets of Chester with some tough interval training, one minute running one minute walking!! Week 2 and Charlie did amazing again and was met by a barrage of beeps from the ever so supportive general public. This week we increased the running intervals from 1 min intervals to 2 mins.

Week 3 was a great test for Charlie once again and she definitely rose to the occasion! Through strength and endurance training and weekly running, the intervals have increased and gone from 1 minute on and 1 minute off the first week to an amazing 6-10 mins on and 1 min off. She is showing a massive increase in fitness. Week 4 and she showed pure determination. She ran the first 2.5 miles without even stopping for a rest!!!!

Week 5 and Charlie really struggled to get going!! She ran out really well but coming back her legs and heart and lungs really struggled. Richie explained that sometimes you have to take a few steps back in order to move forward and that like everything in life you have off days aswell as good days! HOWEVER, for the record, Charlie has ALREADY dropped her dress size in just 4 weeks!!! WELL DONE CHARLIE! Week 6 and another great run and her final weigh in which Charlie and I were ecstatic with. Not only has she dropped her dress size plus a few pounds more but her overall strength and endurance has improved greatly. Charlie promises to keep her training up.

For more details on how we at CPT can help you drop a dress size, please contact Richie on 07969 360089